Ein Wassertropfen fällt von einem Minzblatt in ein klares Wasser

GERMS are invisible. That's why we take a very close look.

Food is the basis of our life. Both in solid and in liquid form. We now purchase both types of food in good faith, trusting that it is manufactured under regulated and certifiably hygienic conditions. After all, the government has provided a comprehensive legal framework to achieve this objective.

Hygiene guarantees clean food.

Consumers should be clear about one thing: clean food and drink do not come about automatically. They are the result of the special care and attention invested by all people entrusted with their manufacture. The following principle applies here: the more complex the preparation of raw materials and food production is, the more special the cleaning agents need to be. This is the only way to ensure total hygiene.

Here are our personal priorities:

  • Dairy processing companies
  • Food industry
  • Drinks manufacturers
  • Gastronomy and bakeries

Visible cleanliness is not enough.

Hygiene? Our perception of this is the well-balanced combination of cleaning and disinfection. In other words, the removal of visible contaminants while also ensuring the prevention of invisible residual germs. Quite simply to eradicate any health risks effectively.