In kitchens: Clean is healthier.

Ein Koch bereitet mit Hygienehandschuhen verschiedene Vorspeisenteller zu

Before we eat, pots and pans are needed. To eat, we need plates and cutlery. And afterwards, deep intensive cleaning for everything. It has to be quick. It needs to be clean. And there should be no compromise when it comes to hygiene. We are not satisfied until your kitchen leaves the cleanest impression.

Washing-up liquid and dish washer cleaning agents.

Je nach Einsatzzweck intensivreinigend, desinfizierend, keimtötend und auf chlor-alkalischer Basis lieferbar. Glanztrocknend für tropfenfreies Geschirr.

Hand dishwashing products for materials typically found in gastronomy areas


Either with or without perfume. Crockery, glass, tiles, silver, stainless steel, plastic, painted surfaces.

Care products for perfect preservation

For stainless steel, chrome, aluminium, copper, brass and more.

Special cleaning agents for special purposes

Burnt-on oils, grease and resin on grills, ovens and deep fat fryers.

Dosing technology

Dosing pumps, dilution systems, hygiene units, pressurised dispensers.

Frisch gebackenes Brot

It is in the nature of things: after every baking process, the empty trays reveal what previously went into the oven. And these marks can be traced. Around the whole bakery right into the shop. Examples? Flour. Purée. Jam. More or less visible.

The legal requirements for hygiene in bakeries are extremely strict and the time required for cleaning can be costly. One thing is certain: only with highly effective cleaning products can hygienically exemplary conditions be brought into harmony with cost-effective business operations.

Special products for palatable conditions.

We are aware of the high demands specific to the business operations and products in your industry and have developed the ideal solutions to problems. Impressive cleaning agents from ecological and economical aspects. Which therefore optimise your daily cleaning tasks. People always lie at the heart of the cleaning process. It therefore goes without saying that hand and body cleaning products and disinfectants are also included in the Horpovel product range.

  • Dish washer cleaning agents
  • Baking tray cleaning agents
  • Tank cleaning agents

These products include creams and liquid soaps, hand washing pastes and gels, hand disinfectants, as well as barrier creams and hand creams. All containing ingredients that clean and care for the skin.