Customer proximity is important. That's why we take a particularly broad stance here.

Customer proximity is an important part of successful business relations. It is defined not only by geographical closeness, but also by the intensity of cooperation. In other words, being a short phone call away and being there on-site.

Comprehensive consultation. Efficient solutions. Responsible actions.

We regard them as the decisive steps towards product optimisation. Combined with fast service in times of need. We are very good in this regard, but would like to become even better. Because precisely this can help us both to progress further in a target-orientated way. It's marvellous if you share the same sentiment.

Numerous awards are an indication of the innovative power and the high degree of efficiency of our products. This guarantees outstanding economy for you, too. The following principle always applies here: as much as necessary, as little as possible. It alleviates the burden on the environment and leaves us all with a good feeling.

Intensive consultation, critical analysis, consistent action.

Zwei Betriebsmitarbeiter in Arbeitskleidung bei der Analyse von Reinigungsflüssigkeit

There must be no half-baked concepts in sensitive cleaning processes. Effective products and competent individual consultation and support are therefore required. We provide both. With no ifs and buts. The regular support from our technical field service ensures that your systems work continuously at a high level. We achieve this by means of detailed, regular inspections on location: Our experts consider all parameters holistically and respond promptly to any deviations - before or as soon as you notice any abnormality in the production performance. This happens both with the regular technical inspections of your system during cleaning and, in event of problems, by means of more detailed analyses carried out by accredited laboratories with which we collaborate closely.