This section contains information on the products which we offer and are necessary to ensure cleanliness, hygiene and an optimal production process.

...for the dairy industry

Successful business for the long term, instead of reducing costs in the short term – a sound business perspective considers many aspects when planning production. read more >>

Milchkanne, Milchglas, Milchflasche und Milchkrug mit Milch befüllt

... for confectioneries, catering services, canteens, restaurants and bakeries

Before we eat, pots and pans are needed. To eat, we need plates and cutlery. And afterwards, deep intensive cleaning for everything. read more>>

Ein Laib Brot wird aus dem Ofen geholt

... for the beverage-production

Intensive cleaning and effective disinfection. Not on a random basis but according to clearly defined schedules. Tailored to your machinery-related conditions and the products that they make.  read more>>

Förderband-Reinigungsanlage für Flaschen


...makes you flexible. Therefore, it is a fixed size for us.

 >> read more